Home Sweet Home 2017


You gonna need strong nerves to play ‘Home Sweet Home’. The game isn’t about shooting, blood and guts. It’s more about suspense and ability to survive. The main character Tim once wakes up in a weird room. Though it looks ordinary, it doesn’t look familiar to him. If yesterday he was still sleeping in his bed, where is he now? Whose place is it? Tim decides to take a risk and have a tour around the house. There are so many chairs, shelves and glassware in it but are there any people? Going along the spooky corridors, you’ll hear strange sounds coming from the room. Nothing terrible will happen if you enter it, still it’s a kind of warning. It’s better to be nervous beforehand than to be taken by a scary surprise. You might also see a shadow passing very quickly. That ghost is really fast but still it’s possible to prevent her attack. When you notice that a bloody puddle on the wall becomes larger and larger, it means that it’s high time to find yourself a shelter. The ghost reminds of a zombie-girl: she’s got pale skin, scars, a broken neck. Tim thinks that it’s the spirit of his dead wife Jane. Don’t let the naïve man fall for the memories and be murdered! Help Tim run away from the frightening woman and find the last door that will bring him back to happy reality. Gather different objects from the rooms and use them when necessary. You’ll like this game because it teaches how to stay focused and determined even when you know that something bad may happen any moment!


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