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What would you if you woke up in a strange house without having the slightest idea how you ended up here, what this place is and how to get out of it? Even worse, there is a female spirit following you from room to room and giving you endless tasks to complete. Naturally, you would try to escape such a place as soon as possible. But you won’t be able to do it until you solve all the riddles of this house. There are many rooms for you to explore and many puzzles for you to try your hand at. It all will be somehow connected to the disappearance of your wife many years ago, but you won’t find that connection that easy! You are going to overcome a series of obstacles first and survive through the eeriest horrors that you can encounter in a haunted house! And it’s no surprise, the story is based on Thai legends and myths. Their atmosphere is replicated in detail, so get ready, it all is going to be very creepy! Start playing right now and you’ll understand what we mean by saying that!


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