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Meet Tim, the main hero of this horror story. One can’t call him the luckiest person on earth lately. First his wife disappeared in an unknown direction. Then he got caught in a whirlpool of mysterious events. And in the end he woke up in a strange home, half-deserted and very scary. He didn’t like this place once he saw it and what happened next only reinforced him in his decision to run away and never come back. He intended to do so, but suddenly he saw a ghost of a woman who told him he won’t be able to leave until he accomplishes all the challenges. That will also allow Tim to reveal the mystery of the house and find out who the woman is. You are about to keep Tim company in this creepy and intriguing quest. You’ll be exploring the house, look into every room and corner, solve puzzles, go through different trials… And all this with one goal – getting out of the house as soon as possible until the worst happens… With your help, Tim will definitely cope with all the tasks and find his way to freedom! Perhaps all this has anything to do with his disappeared wife… He won’t be able to find that out until he completes all the missions and solves all the riddles! So go ahead and don’t walk out without learning what’s really happening!


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