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Home, sweet home… We all love it more than anything else in the world. However, living in one can be a real nightmare. That’s what happened to our hero whose wife mysteriously disappeared one day. After a long time of suffering and mourning her, he woke up in a totally unknown place. While he is trying to figure out what happened to him and where he is, he is also haunted by an evil  spirit of a woman. It’s up to you to help him realize what’s going on and find a way out from this horror house! The incredible graphics and atmospheric setting inspired by Thai myths will make you believe all this is happening for real! Investigate the place you found yourself at, solve various puzzles and play mini-games included in the gameplay. Most often, it’s advisable to use stealth which demands quite a lot of skill. The game is spooky, so get ready for your hair to stand on its end! There will be a lot of scary moments until you finally complete your quest. But don’t let them distract you. After all, you’ve got a mystery to unravel! And it isn’t going to happen on its own… Test your courage and learn what actually happened to your wife in this amazing horror stealth game that will keep you glued to the computer screen for hours!


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